Cooper Update – November 2017


As I’m sitting in Dobbies (a garden center…the English LOVE them) with some of our students from the School of Biblical Studies enjoying some coffee, I’m suddenly struck by the fact that each of us is from a different country: USA, Norway, Brazil, Philippines, Denmark, and Switzerland. A sense of satisfaction fills my heart as I see the potential of these people bringing God’s Word to their nations.

Bible poverty—not possessing a Bible in your own language and/or not having any Bible teaching. The enormous task of ending Bible poverty has become one of YWAM’s primary objectives, which brings me great joy since my missionary work in England is directly helping in the effort. My colleagues and I have the privilege of taking 16 students through all 66 books of the Bible in 9-months. Our awesome students are from 11 different nations and 5 continents and have already finished half of the New Testament. The goal for each student is to equip them to “rightly handle the word of truth” (2Tim2:15) and to share their Bible learning throughout the world. In my recent teaching of Galatians, I emphasized the Apostle Paul’s heart to protect the truth of the Gospel that sets people free. In the photo below, we have chains on our wrists that we tore off while shouting “FREEDOM!” It was a fun lecture!

One of the realities of being missionaries with YWAM is that we have to raise our own financial support. As you know, life never remains the same, and now we find ourselves in need of more monthly support. This is mainly due to a few supporters who are no longer able to give. Not only is our current income now insufficient to meet our normal monthly expenses, we also have large expenses we are unable to save for (i.e: travel and visa fees, car maintenance and replacement, retirement, Emily’s education etc). We have experienced the goodness and faithfulness of God through the many years we have served with YWAM and know that He will provide what we need.

Will you please consider partnering with us by supporting us monthly? Our need is at least £500/$675 a month. And please join with us in prayer. Thank you!

What has Taryn been up to?

  I am excited for more ministry and more involvement with The King’s Lodge, since Emily is now in pre-school three morning per week. I have started a small group/Bible study for women at the King’s Lodge and for friends from the community. We meet once a week utilizing a fantastic series of studies designed specifically for women called IF:EQUIP. I am thoroughly enjoying the time spent with these ladies and am really growing in my relationship with Jesus.

In addition, I am connecting with more moms in the area, chatting with them at Emily’s school and at Sunshine Corner (the toddler group we run through The King’s Lodge and a local church). This has been my desire for a long time – to form deep, real friendships, especially with non-Christians. It is a slow process at times, so even small conversations and connections with people are a step in the right direction! I also have three or four new ministry opportunities that are not completely confirmed yet, but hopefully in our next newsletter I will be able to share them with you. It is very exciting to be able to step into more responsibility again as Emily grows up.

Mike-Taryn-5Prayer Requests
– Mike’s UK Visa is due for renewal in the New Year. We still need £200
– Our monthly financial support needs to grow by £500/$675
– For Mike’s mom and dad as they battle health issues and miss us during the Christmas season
– For Taryn for opportunites and conversations with local moms
– For Mike’s work on the SBS and upcoming teaching projects


We have a Facebook group called ‘Coopers on a Mission’ where we write small regular updates. Let us know if you’d like to be added to it!



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Kairos Westville Women’s #6


Hi There Saints

I pray the Lord has kept His gracious hand upon you.

You are cordially invited to attend the Kairos Westville Women’s 6th walk open day, which is taking place this Saturday, the 8th of April 2017, at the Glenwood Presbyterian Church 337 Esther Roberts (Frere Rd) from 08:00 am – 12:30 midday.

There will be a light snack provided, and plenty of company. We will share some of the awesome things that God has done through this ministry, and also introduce you to ways you can be a part of this amazing team.

I have attached the flyer for your convenience. Click here.

His Love and Ours

Raquelle Bhengu
Outreach Coordinator

Bible Active 2017


Runners, Cyclists, Golfers & Bowlers…
South Africa is thirsty for God’s Word…
Is God calling you to do something for HIM?

•       Comrades Marathon – 4th June 2017
•       Two Oceans –15th April 2017
•       Organise your own Fun Run / Walk in your community

•       Bible Society Golf Day (Bluff National Park Golf Club) 4th August 2017
•       Organise your own Golf Day in your community

•       Durban aQuelle Cycle Race – 30th April 2016
•       Amashova Durban Classic – 22nd October 2016
•       Organise your own Cycling event in your community

•        Bible Society Bowling Day (Stella Bowling Club) – date yet to be decided.

Just R55 raised helps Bible Society to make one more affordable Bible available in our different languages.
For more info email:

or visit:

World Day of Prayer 2017

wwdpFri, 3 Mar @ 11h00 at the Westville Baptist Church

The World Day of Prayer is an international ecumenical Christian laywomen’s initiative. It is run under the motto “Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action,” and is celebrated annually in over 170 countries on the first Friday in March. The movement aims to bring together women of various races, cultures and traditions in a yearly common Day of Prayer, as well as in closer fellowship, understanding and action throughout the year.

The World Day of Prayer 2017 host country will be the Philippines and the theme, prepared by the women, is “Am I Being Unfair to You?” The scripture reading for the service is Matthew 20:1-16. The Bible study texts are Matthew 20:1-16 and Numbers 27:1-11.

The Philippines is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean consisting of about 7,641 islands. The Philippines is an officially secular state, although Christianity is the dominant faith. Catholic Church data from 2015 found that about 82.9% of the population professed Catholicism. Protestants are estimated to be less than 5% of the total population.

Rowena “Apol” Laxamana-Sta.Rosa is a United Methodist Church member and currently resides in Cavite, Philippines. She loves to draw women as her subject, because it reflects the struggles of being a woman – being a mother for her children and being a wife for her husband. Painting and sketching is part of her daily routine.

2016 Christmas Greetings from Hermoine

The year and seasons in pictures…

The year started with training for the Argus Cycle Ride in South Africa. Then on the 6th March I fulfilled my dream and completed the 109km in 5hrs 59min 44secs! (5 sounds better than 6).

On returning to the UK I was into the swing of things, going back to The King’s Lodge (TKL) to teach in March and April. Cape Town South Africa, March 2016 In May I was invited to travel to Israel and teach the book of Kings in Jerusalem. This was a fantastic time teaching 26 students from many parts of the world. I got to see some very significant sites.

Here I am standing on the steps that led to the entrance of the Temple.

June saw me back at TKL teaching. Jerusalem, May 2016 Moving down to Yeovil I joined the Vineyard church and God has opened doors there. I was invited to teach the Old Testament overview. Currently I’m teaching a group how to study the Scriptures, which I am thoroughly enjoying. In 2017 the church will be running an ‘Empowering Discipleship’ course. They have asked me to help facilitate this, particularly starting off with Bible essentials.

In July my friend Myra and I went on a camping holiday and saw some beautiful sites in the South of England.

Eden Project July 2016

Summer soon gave way to autumn and the colours in God’s creation have been breath taking. Now winter is upon us and the days are short. However, as I recently heard someone put it, it is a good time for reflection as God’s creation rests and awaits the burst of new life once again. This Christmas, whether or not your days are short or long, I pray you and your friends and family will reflect and celebrate the new life we’re given through the birth of Jesus, our Saviour.


Thank you dear Westville Presby for your love and support

Cooper Update

A lot has happened since our Summer newsletter.  We moved into a lovely house in the Midlands, re-joined the staff team at The King’s Lodge, went on holiday to Norfolk and had lots of little day trips including seeing the Kiley family (Mike has been friends with them since high school) in London for the day. What a treat!

Since the start of September, Mike has been staffing the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) at The King’s Lodge , a nine-month school which involves in-depth reading and study of every book in the Bible. There are 26 trainees and 7 staff from 17 nations! He is thoroughly enjoying the school – especially the privilege of personally encouraging and guiding the trainees. He grades the trainees work, attends numerous meetings throughout the week, leads the week occasionally, coordinates transportation and trainee work duties, and will be teaching 1&2 Timothy at the end of the month. The work is intense and time-consuming but well worth the effort because nothing is better than seeing people grow in their understanding of God.

I am loving my time as a full-time mom. Emily is full of energy and keeps me on my toes! As we go through the joys of the terrific and terrible twos, I find myself so grateful for the community around me who support and love me. There are many families with children around Emily’s age who live at The King’s Lodge, so I don’t have to go very far for a listening ear and a cup of tea! Emily and I stay very busy with various baby groups, play dates, dancing classes, and special times together at home (as well as lots of coffee-shop chats with my friends). She loves going to the zoo which is just down the road from us, and astounded this past weekend when we went to the Peak District as she climbed over rocks without breaking a sweat! Definitely her father’s child in that regard!

 SBS class

 SBS trainees doing group work

 On holiday in Norfolk

 With the Kileys in London

This season will be a lot quieter for us than previous years, with Mike focusing on the SBS until next summer. We don’t have any international trips planned and will be spending Christmas together here in the UK. Mike will get two weeks off at Christmas so we are looking forward to exploring the area more, getting some rest, and starting some of our own traditions – trying to merge 3 cultures and 2 family’s traditions to make our own!

May you have a wonderful Autumn/Fall/Spring (depending on where you are when you read this!) and a Blessed Christmas season with friends, family and loved ones.

Prayer Requests

– For the SBS – that Mike would be effective as staff and teach 1&2 Timothy well
– for Emily to keep growing and learning and thriving
– For health for all of us as we enter the cold and flu season.
– For more financial and prayer supporters (We do not receive a salary and raise all our own personal support)


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Seeing lives transformed by the love of Jesus through personal discipleship and Bible teaching.