Serve the Church

At Westville we have a variety of serving teams, grouped in the eight areas listed below.  Click on an icon that looks interesting to you, and explore the different opportunities according to your gifts and availability.

Hospitality and Connections —

Do you believe we only have one chance to make a first impression? Use your gift of hospitality to make everyone feel welcome and connected. Contact Gwen McCallum.

Care and Prayer —

Are you wired to reach out to others who are hurting? Your gift of mercy or intercession may make you the perfect addition to one of these teams. Contact Kim Bartholomew.

Children —

Are you up for the excitement and challenges of helping children know Jesus as their “Forever Friend?” (Or maybe you’re still just a kid at heart!) Contact Kim Bartholomew.

Creative and Technical Arts —

Do you have talents in music, communications or media? Use your heart for worship and desire to draw people closer to God through artistic expression. Contact Kim Bartholomew.

Youth/Students —

Are you concerned about the pressures and challenges facing young people today? Use your gift of shepherding to help them explore and own their faith. Contact Kim Bartholomew.

Practical Support —

Are you practical and efficient? Do you like physical labor or organizing things? Our church could not function without your gift of helps or administration! Contact Kim Bartholomew.

Small Groups and Mentoring —

Do you love to help adults go deeper in their faith and grow spiritually? Shepherd a small group or get involved in one-on-one mentoring Contact Niek Wit.

Mission Outreach —

Is your heart drawn to serving the poor and oppressed in our community or the world beyond? Whatever your gifts, they’ll be welcome in these ministries. Contact Niek Wit.

Start with one area, and if it isn’t a good fit, you can always investigate something else. Sometimes, you just need to try something! If you get stuck and can’t decide, one of our Ministry Consultants will be happy to meet with you at your convenience to help you sort through your options.