Jamaica Care Centre

God’s Patch –

Every Thursday afternoon at 14:00 the children of Jamaica meet in the local park. We minister to their physical needs by giving them sandwiches and to their spiritual needs by telling bible stories. We sing and pray together as well. Willie Robbertze & Frans Tooley collect sandwiches donated by the children from Atholl Heights & Pitlochtry Schools. Contact Niek Wit 031266 0282.

Change can Change –

Money from this fund is used to meet immediate needs as they are identified in the community of Jamaica. Coppers and small change are welcome! Contact Willie Robbertze 084 457 8048

Food Parcel Distribution –

Please consider contributing to the Jamaica Food Parcels as individuals or as a home group. The parcels, which feed a family from 4 to 10 days, are distributed at the end of each month to the families in Jamaica. R75 per parcel. Money via the plate or direct. It’s SO easy. You are welcome to join us in Jamaica when we distribute them. Contact Heidi Wit 031 262 3188

KwikSpar Extras in the Holidays –

The KwikSpar extras go to the Methodist Soup Kitchen during the school term and to Jamaica on public and school holidays. Willie Robbertze facilitates the collection. Contact Willie Robbertze 084 457 8048

Woolworths Extra’s Sunday Roster with Fraternal –

Every six weeks Westville Presby has the opportunity to collect the Woolworths extras i.e. food items, flowers that have expired etc. These items are taken to Inkanyezi crèche or to families in need in our congregation depending on the items. Val Howard does the collection. Contact Val Howard 082 876 7859