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Hi all
I thought it was time for another update on my life… So please get comfortable and have a read through (or just a skim if you hate long updates ūüėČ The highlights of each piece of news are in bold, so if you don’t want to read the whole thing, just read the highlights
Let me start with June. In early June, I had a chance to go down to another YWAM base called Holmsted Manor – its near the south coast of England (near Brighton) and was the first property YWAM owned in England many years ago. Its a beautiful manor house set in some amazing, lush gardens. I went there for an conference called the ELC – English Leadership Consultation. It was a time for most of the leaders and staff of YWAM England to get together and see where we are and where we are going to. It was mostly a time of discussion – looking at things like Emerging leaders and ethnic minorities and all sorts. It was really good! Not only for the discussions but also because I enjoy connecting with YWAM England as a whole and making new friends and contacts.
Then also in June, I went on a DTS Leaders retreat to a little town called St Gervais in France, right up in the Alps, shadowed by Mount Blanc. What a blessing! There were 14 of us there, all DTS leaders from the YWAM bases around England. Not only was it a good, restful retreat, but I once again had time to connect with the other leaders and make new friends, and it was a safe space for me to ask questions about DTS and glean from the more experienced leaders who were there. I learnt SO much that will stand me in good stead for the upcoming DTS.
July and August were months of¬†preparation for me for the DTS. I stayed on base and did a lot of praying and fasting, preparing teachings and schedules, emailing speakers, finding staff (and losing them again) and having dinner parties with the few King’s Lodge staff who were on base. The summer is a very quiet season for us, with no schools running and most of the staff on leave or furlough. Our 65-strong staff team were down to about 15 during those months. So we try to hang out as much as possible so we don’t get cabin fever ūüėČ
Over the summer I moved as well. I have been living in a Flat for the past 2 years. Its a cute little flat where I shared a room with another girl, but is also the first place single female staff go when they arrive – so is a bit of a transit flat and people are coming and going all the time. Now that I have¬†committed¬†myself indefinitely to the Lodge, I have been given a better flat. I have my own room now, and share the flat with 3 of my best friends (I’m in Flat 11 with Helen, MJ and Katie for those of you who know the Lodge). I have been here for about 2 weeks now, and its great! It feels more like a home, and has a wonderful lounge and kitchen.
In early September , I went to Switzerland to a¬†University¬†of the Nations conference. It was multi-point event, which means there were four locations – Kiev, South Africa, Switzerland and Egypt – which were all linked via technology YWAM¬†designed¬†years ago called “Genesis” (like video conferencing). So for all the morning sessions, all of us would hear from someone at one of the locations. In the afternoons, we would have different workshops to go to covering all sorts of different topics. The U of N is YWAM’s global training network – basically the Educational body that assesses and regulates the schools that YWAM offer (including DTS). So the conference was looking at YWAM and how we need to stay close and¬†intimate¬†with God at this time so He can use us to reach the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus. It was really excellent stuff, and I am glad I was given the chance to go.
Then just this last week, we had our King’s Lodge staff days. Staff days are a chance for us all to meet back together after the summer and see where we have been over the past year and where we are going to in the year to come, as well as hear from God about specific lessons He wants us to learn. The theme this year was the Presence of God, and our meetings rooms were transformed into the Tabernacle and we spent lots of hours in prayer and worship. We also heard from a man called Allejandro Rodriguez – the national leader of YWAM Argentina and he blessed us with an encouregament to be¬†desperate¬†for God.
Well, that was my summer. Quite eventful, really!
In 6 days time, the September DTS starts. As you probably know, I am leading this school. EEEEK! We have 10 students from 6 nations, and myself and three other staff will be leading them through these next 12 weeks, seeking God and being changed by Him. I am very very excited about it all, but it has also been a very challenging¬†journey for me. I have had many staff pull out of the team, have had some tough decisions to make about other staff, had students’ Visa’s denied, and I only had 4 students in July! So I have spent many MANY hours in prayer, knocking on God’s door for this school. I have also shed many MANY tears about it. But I will say it has been a steep learning curve (and the school hasn’t even started yet;) for me about trusting God and His plans. No matter what happens, God will reign over this school. He has asked me to lay down my ideals of what DTS should look like and trust HIM, not myself or the program or the schedule or the staff-student ratios or anything like that. So this school has been stripped almost bare over the summer (as have I, it feels like), but God is rebuilding it! As I stand today, with 6 days to go, I feel ready and confident that God will have His way. I have peace about it, and am very very excited for it all. The staff here at The Lodge are AMAZING, and have been with me in prayer and tears and have encouraged me and held me up when I’ve been weak. I am so blessed to have this family around me.
Please pray for this school over the next 6 months. Please pray that God will continue to reign over it, and that I will continue to lay down my own ‘stuff’ and let Him do it. Pray that He will meet with and change these students (and us staff as well) in a huge way. Pray that all the students will come prepared for this school. And please pray for me, that I have increased wisdom and discernment, patience and ears to hear the Voice of God.
Bless you all. Please email me any prayer requests or news you have as well. I love hearing from you.
Thanks for making it through this monster newsletter! I will update you again in a few weeks/months once we know where we are going on outreach.
Love you all, Taryn

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