Hola from Espana!

Hello everyone!!
Happy New Year! I can’t believe its 2010 already! Crazy!!
This is just a quick update on my life!
We (the DTS team and me) have been in Spain here since the 27th December. We are in a small city called Caceres, about 300km west of Madrid and east of the Portuguese border. We are working with the small YWAM team here, who are pioneering a base in this city. They (all 6 of them) are Brazillian! They are a fun team, only 3 of them speak English (the rest Portuguese and Spanish), but its been great getting to know them. We are like family already, and we’ve only known them like two weeks.
The city of Caceres is beautiful, with a big historic part full of castles and high walls made of stone and cobbled streets. But it definitely needs Jesus! The neighbourhood we live in has 10 000 people and no church. There are only 5 churches in the whole of the city. The work we will be involved in over the next 4 weeks is mostly prayer and intercession for the city and the ministry, making first contact with the youth here (with the hope of starting a church in the basement of the YWAM house), going to other cities in the surrounding area to do youth camps, and just generally getting to know the people.
Last week we went into three different cities to pray – none of those cities have churches. And some have no known Christians So we went and interceded for the cities. One of them was in Portugal, so we just hopped over the border for an hour or two.
Its been nice and warm here, too. Well, until yesterday when it started to snow! We were in church (after the service, having lunch), when all of a sudden the doors were flung open by someone and we saw huge snowflakes coming down! For most of the Brazillian YWAM team here, it was the first time they had seen snow and it was very exciting.
Well, I won’t bore you with all the details of everything we have done, I just wanted to give you all a quick update. Lots of love, Taryn

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