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Good day to you all,
We attended the first SHIFT meeting last night. It was quite special from a singing worship point of view and Carrick did a talk on the doctrine of the Trinity which was very interesting. The young folks then invited everyone for hotdogs, tea/coffee and cup-cakes. The fellowship was really good.
Please have a look at Carrick’s comments below and advise your members that each Sunday he will be setting up a book table. He is sourcing books from a supplier different to CUM books which is both cheaper and has better quality reading material.
So come and browse and also bring some cash to purchase when you see an appropriate book.
In addition, let’s support the young folk who will run SHIFT meetings on the first Sunday of every month.
From: Carrick Van Rensburg []
Sent: 06 June 2011 10:30 AM
To: Gary Jones
Subject: SHIFT Feedback
Good Morning Gary,
Thanks for attending last night’s SHIFT service. It went off very well and we had just under 40 people attending!
Please let the home group leaders know that it happened and it went off well. Let them know that the notes around the message on the Trinity will be posted up on the website and will be available for download.
I will be setting up the Book Table this Sunday morning @ Church so please let the Home Groups know that they can bring cash this Sunday!
May God SHIFT us in His direction Thank you so much.
Carrick & the SHIFT Team

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