PASSPORT – Louie Giglio

A 2 Part DVD Video series. Available in the church resource library.
Part 1 : Let’s Get the Party Started.
Part 2 : Now Boarding All Rows
In His last moments on earth, Jesus left His followers with a simple, yet all-consuming mission ; Make sure every person on the planet hears about Me! Now, thousands of years later, the mission remains the same and the challenge is very much alive. Though the Kingdom of God is expanding rapidly across the globe, billions have yet to hear the truth of a gracious God and the love he has shown through His Son, Jesus Christ. If Jesus’ words are true – and the party of heaven doesn’t start until all people have been given an invitation – then the time is now for every Believer to join the cause and spread His fame. Passport is not about all of us becoming full time missionaries rather each of us adopting a “missions lifestyle.

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2 thoughts on “PASSPORT – Louie Giglio”

  1. Please pray for Jesus to save my loved ones for eternity—esp. my mom! Please also pray for Jesus to change my and my loved ones hearts and that we all will bear good fruit and live for Christ!
    How can I order Louie Giglio’s DVD’s? I have some of them, but I do not have his DVD on ‘the passport talk’, the symphony, prayer, etc. I’d really like to get these DVD’s (esp. the passport talk).

    1. Hi Janet,
      Not sure where to purchase Giglio DVD’s, but assume CUM books could help you. We have a copy in our church lending library. Use contact details at the foot of this page to make enquiries. God bless.

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