Presbyterian Link – Editorial April 2012

After a long period of recess, Presbyterian Link is back in circulation. This break gave us, the editorial team, sufficient time to evaluate and assess the previous issues with a view to come out with a revamped newspaper for the church.
This Easter edition of our newspaper represents the breathing of fresh air into the publication. We have attempted to create a revamped, easy-to-read paper filled with messages, information and stories which reflect
some-thing of the life, work and witness of the UPCSA.
Presbyterian Link represents a platform where information will be shared by various stakeholders in the denomination. We urge you all to use this medium by submitting articles and news to us so it can be shared
with other members of our denomination. It is our intention to produce a quarterly newspaper. The success of this church mouthpiece lies in your hands, so please do supply us with news regularly.
Two challenges were experienced with the previous publications. The first was that many Presbyteries failed to submit news for publication. The second challenge was distribution. Both these stumbling blocks represented inadequate cooperation from our members and structures.
To overcome this, please feed us with the news and ensure that once the publication reaches the Presbyteries, it is adequately and effectively distributed to all our members. Remember the more we give our members
information, the more we empower them.
This publication will also be posted on the church website to improve distribution, ensuring that those who do not receive hard copies have access to electronic versions. With cellphone web-browsing and computer
access being what it is, we hope to reach almost every corner of the geographic space our church occupies.
As the editorial team we are extremely excited to bring you this Easter edition. This issue is distributed free of charge, but future ones will be sold for a minimal sum to cover the production costs.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve. Views and articles should please be sent to Tom Coulter at
Enjoy reading and have fruitful Easter celebrations,
Benny Boshielo

Download a copy of Presbyterian Link, April 2012 1.2MB

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