Noah is that really you?

noah-movie-poster-cast-405x600I’m sure by now most if not all of you have either watched or heard of the NOAH movie that has been screened in cinemas around the country. It created quite a stir in the U.S. when it was launched and had Twitter and Facebook buzzing with both compliments and criticism. I felt it was necessary to mail you about it as its probably a subject that will be raised in your home groups (if it hasn’t already!). I have included a link to a review of the movie from a Christian standpoint. It makes for some interesting reading. Click on the following link:
I went to watch the movie last week and personally did not enjoy it. Keep in mind that the Director Darren Aronofsky made himself clear during an interview when he said he had made “the least-biblical biblical film ever” so don’t be shocked when what you watch doesn’t line up with what you’ve read in Genesis. If you’re like me you might find yourself asking the question “Noah is that really you?” after watching the movie. Yes, the movie will create dialogue which will potentially give you opportunities to speak to your friends\colleagues about Noah or the Bible. However, it will also potentially give folk out there a warped view of Noah and worse still of God himself. Remember, God reveals himself through Scripture and the story of Noah is no different. We see his holiness, judgment and incredible mercy displayed in the story of Noah and the ark. The distant God the movie portrays is not the God revealed to us in the Scriptures and is certainly not the God whom the Scriptures tell us “Noah walked with” (Gen 6:9).
Watch the movie for yourself and read the review – but after all is said and done, nothing beats sitting down with a good cup of coffee and reading through Genesis 6 to 9.
Grace & peace,

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