Cooper Update – November 2017

As I’m sitting in Dobbies (a garden center…the English LOVE them) with some of our students from the School of Biblical Studies enjoying some coffee, I’m suddenly struck by the fact that each of us is from a different country: USA, Norway, Brazil, Philippines, Denmark, and Switzerland. A sense of satisfaction fills my heart as I see the potential of these people bringing God’s Word to their nations.
Bible poverty—not possessing a Bible in your own language and/or not having any Bible teaching. The enormous task of ending Bible poverty has become one of YWAM’s primary objectives, which brings me great joy since my missionary work in England is directly helping in the effort. My colleagues and I have the privilege of taking 16 students through all 66 books of the Bible in 9-months. Our awesome students are from 11 different nations and 5 continents and have already finished half of the New Testament. The goal for each student is to equip them to “rightly handle the word of truth” (2Tim2:15) and to share their Bible learning throughout the world. In my recent teaching of Galatians, I emphasized the Apostle Paul’s heart to protect the truth of the Gospel that sets people free. In the photo below, we have chains on our wrists that we tore off while shouting “FREEDOM!” It was a fun lecture!

One of the realities of being missionaries with YWAM is that we have to raise our own financial support. As you know, life never remains the same, and now we find ourselves in need of more monthly support. This is mainly due to a few supporters who are no longer able to give. Not only is our current income now insufficient to meet our normal monthly expenses, we also have large expenses we are unable to save for (i.e: travel and visa fees, car maintenance and replacement, retirement, Emily’s education etc). We have experienced the goodness and faithfulness of God through the many years we have served with YWAM and know that He will provide what we need.
Will you please consider partnering with us by supporting us monthly? Our need is at least £500/$675 a month. And please join with us in prayer. Thank you!

What has Taryn been up to?
  I am excited for more ministry and more involvement with The King’s Lodge, since Emily is now in pre-school three morning per week. I have started a small group/Bible study for women at the King’s Lodge and for friends from the community. We meet once a week utilizing a fantastic series of studies designed specifically for women called IF:EQUIP. I am thoroughly enjoying the time spent with these ladies and am really growing in my relationship with Jesus.
In addition, I am connecting with more moms in the area, chatting with them at Emily’s school and at Sunshine Corner (the toddler group we run through The King’s Lodge and a local church). This has been my desire for a long time – to form deep, real friendships, especially with non-Christians. It is a slow process at times, so even small conversations and connections with people are a step in the right direction! I also have three or four new ministry opportunities that are not completely confirmed yet, but hopefully in our next newsletter I will be able to share them with you. It is very exciting to be able to step into more responsibility again as Emily grows up.

Mike-Taryn-5Prayer Requests
– Mike’s UK Visa is due for renewal in the New Year. We still need £200
– Our monthly financial support needs to grow by £500/$675
– For Mike’s mom and dad as they battle health issues and miss us during the Christmas season
– For Taryn for opportunites and conversations with local moms
– For Mike’s work on the SBS and upcoming teaching projects


We have a Facebook group called ‘Coopers on a Mission’ where we write small regular updates. Let us know if you’d like to be added to it!
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