Cooper Update – February 2019


Let’s face it, parts of the Bible are just plain hard to understand, let alone discerning God’s message for us today. For this reason, I (Mike) sometimes use drama to teach certain books. Now, I have no formal training in drama which makes it very entertaining for me and wonderfully awkward for the students. So, while teaching the book of Hebrews in Canada recently, I dressed up as the ancient High Priest of Israel and had student “volunteers” act as the sacrificial animals. By teaching in this way, the message of Hebrews came alive and the students could see how Jesus is now superior to all of the Old Covenant. He is now our eternal and faithful High Priest.

On the other hand, other books, like the Gospel of Mark have a clear and unmistakable message…if you love Jesus you must immediately go and love people. Thankfully, the small group of Bible Core Course students in London were already living this message. Right after my lecture they were out in the streets talking to spiritually hungry people and handing out dozens of Bibles.

After a fall term full of teaching preparation and travel, I am now reading historical theology and studying the books of Jeremiah and Haggai which I will teach this spring. My unorthodox “seminary” training continues and I am so grateful for the fulfilling ministry that God has called me to. Not so long ago I was a disillusioned and confused guy, but God intervened and gave me new hope and a new direction. I am forever grateful to Him and for all of you who have supported my family and me.

I (Taryn) continue to stay busy and fulfilled. Between Emily’s activities – which include swimming, gymnastics, ballet, preschool and lots more – and my own interests, there is never a dull day! I am a Trustee and the Secretary of the Board of the The King’s Lodge, I help run a toddler group with the local church, run a ladies Bible Study group at the King’s Lodge, and I also volunteer with a local charity called Christians Against Poverty. I enjoy being busy but do manage to fit some down time into my schedule as well!

There is also an exciting opportunity in my future – a friend here at The King’s Lodge aims to run a Missional Geography School in 2020, as well as seminars on the same theme in 2019. I have a degree in Geography which I haven’t used since I got it in 2004, so I am VERY excited for the chance to bring my love for Geography and my love for Mission into the same place! I will keep you updated with details as they are confirmed (A photo below also gives a bit more information about the seminars)

Emily continues to grow and thrive. She has graduated up to the next level in both swimming and gymnastics, and continues to love preschool. She makes my heart burst with pride every day when she tells me who she has helped and been kind to that day at preschool. She even got a ‘Superstar Award’ from one of her teachers for being so helpful. She will start ‘big school’ (reception/kindergarten) this year and we are eagerly awaiting an email in April which will tell us which school she will attend. As the oldest in her class, she is more than ready to start big school!

2019 The Year Ahead

The year ahead of us already looks to be a good one! Taryn’s sister and brother-in-law from South Africa will be visiting in May for Taryn’s mom’s 60th birthday. Emily will ‘graduate’ from preschool and start reception (kindergarten) in September.

In the summer, we are hoping to go to America again for two weddings! Two of Mike’s nieces are getting married and we would love to be there for their special days.

These seminars will be running this year at The King’s Lodge, and I hope to be involved in making them happen! Spread the word if you know of anyone who would like to join in!

Prayer Requests
– Increased effectiveness in our ministries
– Increase in financial support and ministry partners
– For Mike’s Dad whose health is suffering
– For Emily’s continued growth and protection


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