An Advent Reflection

Do we see in this Holy Child our innate need to return to the very basic thing…
Simply to be conformed to the loving embrace of Your will for us,
Knowing that our greatest treasure is found in Love
And in being Love.

And so, Who is waiting?
Whose advent is this, really?
Who is it who is preparing and yearning for our coming
The coming of the outcast,
The weary traveler, the discouraged
The coming of those who weep and mourn and…
For the poor and the lame and the broken hearted?

Whose lamp is it that is always burning?
Whose lamp is kept full?
Who stays awake and watches
Anticipating a return?

Who is it who writes our name upon his hand
Who whispers our name in the small soft breeze
And searches for us with the eyes of a Father’s heart?

Who is this One who levels the rough road, the steep road and makes a highway?
And Who sees our longing, our searching
Who waits with Hope, upon the horizon,
And with the dawn, rejoices in our coming?

And does He not run to us
To us, even while we are still far off
Does He not kiss us with delight, and robe us in compassion and forgiveness
Declaring a festival…
Because we have returned

And is it not He who is preparing a banquet for us
In the New Jerusalem?
Who washes our feet
And Who longs to dress us in the royal wedding garment
And invites us in to dine upon rich festive foods?

Is it not He who is waiting in our dark night’s longing for the light, the joy and the fullness of the kingdom in us?
As one by one we come to Him, our Father, our Brother and our Pleading Advocate

Are we not asked to be he, who comes in the name of the Lord?
Did he not call us before we were formed in our mother’s womb?
Has He not hoped in each of us and longed for us to become His Light in the world?
To be His long awaited Holy Presence and His Joyful Peace
To be incarnate re-creation and a manifestion of the Emmanuel…God with us!

We hear you, Lord and we who walk in darkness are walking to Bethlehem walking toward the Light, who is the fullness and the Glory of our God. The hearts of your people long to return to the Merciful One Who waits…

Long have I waited for your coming home to me, says our God…long have I waited! Hosea 11 1-9

Accessed on the Facebook page of Advent Awakening.


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