Ash Wednesday – the beginning of lent

Ash Wednesday
Beginning forty days of
dreaming again the dreams of God.

A season for embodied solidarity
with God’s freedom dreams.

Like Israel
in the wilderness.

Like Jesus
in the wilderness.

The aim of our Lenten fasting
is not self-denial
is not earning a religious merit badge
is not a spiritualized attempt to get our own way.
The aim of our Lenten fasting
is creating space
for things that really matter
for things that concern God’s heart
for things that make other things possible.

Fasting from
empire & domination
the quest for self-perfection
feeling better than.

Feasting upon
earth community
soul community
beloved community.

Our Lenten fasting
seeks to make way for the kingdom
that is always close at hand.

Our embodied solidarity
with God’s freedom dreams.

Written by Ric Hudgens

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