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Gracious God, help me to see my ministry to you and to others in your name as you see it.

Prayer Chain

A group of people who on request daily pray for us “sharing our burdens”.
Leader: Gill Laurence

Sunday Prayer Corner

A prayer team is available on Sundays to pray with you before, during or after the Sunday service.
Leader: Gill Laurence

Congregational Prayer

Setting aside time for the congregation to come together to pray.

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Inkanyezi Crèche 

Provides a secure, nurturing & loving environment for 60 children 2 to 5 years of age in Jamaica, Chesterville.  The crèche operates with a structured curriculum catering for the whole child.  The children are also taught behavioural, moral and ethical values.  The children are given 2 cooked meals and a snack each day, Monday to Friday.
Facilitator: Heidi Wit

Crèche Jumble

 As goods are donated the Inkanyezi teachers hold a jumble sale for the community members of Jamaica. All proceeds go towards Inkanyezi. Members of the congregation are welcome to bring children’s clothing and any household goods. Please arrange any donations with Heidi so she can to take to Inkanyezi.

Change can Change

Money from this fund is used to meet immediate physical or pscho-social needs as they are identified in the community of Jamaica. Coppers and small change are welcome!
Facilitator:  Dawne Odendaal

God’s Patch Sandwiches, Jamaica

Keith Wicks & Brian Purchase faithfully collect sandwiches weekly donated by the children from Atholl Heights & Pitlochry Primary Schools as part of their “food for the needy” projects and take these down to Jamaica to be distributed to children in need.

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Midweek groups meet all over the community to encourage one’s everyday life in Jesus.
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Mother’s Room:

Moms with babes up to 18 months can make use of the mother’s room during the service.
Facilitator: Anna Schnell

God’s Tots

A fun filled morning for our little tots where they get to learn about God’s glory through an interactive movie, a craft activity and their much loved snack time. Age: 2-5 years
Leader:  Tracey Martin

Life House

We have lots of fun, while learning the Bible and how to be followers of Jesus. Happens every Sunday morning during the service. Age: Grade 1 – 7 (6-13 Years)
Leader: Anna Schnell

Life House Bakers

Volunteers take turns to bake or bring some biscuits for snack time on Sundays for the kids.
Facilitator: Anna Schnell

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Worship Team

The worship team is made up of worship leaders, singers, musicians, sound engineers & data projector operators all working together to bring inspiring worship at our Sunday services.

Facilitator: Niek together with the Worship Leaders & Kim Bartholomew

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Welcome Team

Visitors are welcomed and made to feel part of the church family from the very beginning.
Facilitator: Rozanne Cowie

Sunday set-Up Facilitator

Home groups practically serve in many ways each Sunday.
Interim Facilitator: Kim Bartholomew

Communion Set-up

Preparing the “Lord’s Table” for us all to share.
Leaders:  Johan & Wendy Schreuder, Angela Botsis, Lisa Meyer, Kevin & Jenny McQueen.

Special Events Team

A team of creative people and helpers who decorate the Church and/or plan special occasions/events to glorify God.
Leader:  Dawn Odendaal

Counting Collection

Members work in pairs each Sunday to count the Sunday collection, record the collection on income sheets and bank the collection on Mondays.
Leader: Greg Schnell

Flower Ministry

A team of ladies arrange flowers for our Sunday services.
Interim Facilitator Kim Bartholomew
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Care line

Hospitality is shared with families in time of crisis.
Leader:  Mercia Coleman

Elder Folk Get-togethers

The elder folk get together to connect socially and arrange outings.
Leader: Karen Hager 

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Please send us your contact details and we get the information to you! Old-fashioned phone calls work too ~ 031 266 0282

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